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Irrelevant Outrage

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UPDATE: The is my new profile commentary!

I've lately become, to a degree, fascinated by how throughly livejournal's culture has evolved to an set of echo chambers. Since I am not really the sort of person to post another "me too! you're so right on!" comment, my comments tend to be questions or critiques. Regardless of the tone I use, the response is the same -- immediately quash the dissenter. On the flip side, there seem to be plenty of approving comments tossed around, made by people who haven't even read the post. My favorite example here is the 'Your poetry is ALL. SO. GOOD! How do you do it?' made by people who have clearly not read the poetry, since nobody's mentioned the glaring failure to copyedit at about line 17.

If you got here by seeing a comment made by me somewhere, I can flat guarantee you that you've just seen a sample of what I'm talking about.

On the one hand, a supportive community of friends is a good thing. LJ seems to somewhere between that and an economy of positive comments. Compliment my poetry, and I'll tell you how right you are about that guy, whoever the fuck you are.

I prefer social groups with acrimony and argument.